ERP Services And Solutions Which Have Become The Need of the Hour!

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software solutions are developed to help the small as well as big companies to manage their resources, in a more organized and efficient manner. The ERP solutions are mainly provided with an aim to integrate the back-office department of any organization and various types of business processes. A reputed ERP software development company facilitates the flow of information within an enterprise which helps the organization in taking informed decisions.

Use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

So, the top ERP software or systems are designed to collect information from a variety of organizational levels and arrange them in a systematic manner, so that later they can be used for businesses activities across the departments.
With the most dedicated and best ERP Solutions Company and software, an enterprise can automate and standardize its activities to secure better efficiency in its business processes. The ERP management system ensures you that all the staff members in your company are using the same information and are viewing the same performance indicators, at the same time.

ERP Solutions

Brand Infosolution’s ERP Solutions 

Brand Infosolution understands the importance of ERP solutions and as one of the top ERP software companies, we have been developing a wide variety of ERP packages and solutions to meet the diverse industry requirements. We are backed by years of IT infrastructure expertise and management knowledge. We are capable of providing industry-specific ERP software development services.

Why Brand Infosolution ERP solutions company for your organization?

 At Brand Infosolution, our experts understand an enterprise resource planning software development mainly depends upon the business processes that an organization needs to improve.

 We know that a success of ERP technologies also depends upon the fact that whether your company sells a product or any service.

 We develop best ERP software for companies engaged in the sale of products. Such organizations need ERP companies to address their supply chain, distribution features and manufacturing tasks.

 Our experts also have solutions for the companies who are into selling the services. We provide them with ERP software development in a way so that it can support their service agreements, sale operations and field services.

 So far, our ERP implementation services and software deployment & development has proved to be extremely efficient for our clients. We loosely couple all the modules so that they can be easily integrated with other software systems that are available in use in an organization.

 Our expertise and knowledge not only helps us in developing the best ERP for small business but as well as for large-scale organizations.

Below here we have also discussed the key modules that every organization requires in an ERP system.

Key ERP Consultation Modules are as follows:

• Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
• Supply Chain Management (SCM)
• Inventory
• Sales & Marketing
• Purchase
• Finance & Accounting
• Engineering/ Production
• Human Resource
• Finance software
• Payroll Software
• Tax Solutions

Customer Service Relationship Management (CRM)

With integrated Enterprise resource planning CRM system for small business or large organization, you can streamline the business activities to boost productivity and efficiency. The customer relationship management companies can enjoy a 360-degree report of their customers. They get better access to significant data with the help of our ERP consulting services.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

This module of an ERP consultation system generates reports on finances and materials for top supply chain management companies. The ERP software keeps on moving from manufacturers to suppliers to wholesalers to retailers and then to final customers, to collect the required data to enhance the processes in the supply chain management companies. Our ERP software is not limited to a particular industry, they are developed according to your organization needs and demands.

Inventory Management

The inventory control system deals with informative reports on non-capitalized stock & assets. Whether you are diamond merchant or you are into the construction business, an ERP integrated accounting and inventory management system will be a great help for your organization.

Sales & Marketing

A comprehensive ERP module to meet the sales and marketing requirements will help an organization to stay competitive. It streamlines the business activities and allow the executives to contact consumers and follow-up each invoices, in a better way.


The purchase module in ERP software is a very important part, as it simplifies purchasing, inventory control, inventory tracking, order management, invoicing, etc. It enables you to manage and schedule manufacturing procedures. The Cloud ERP software streamline production and optimizes it all levels.

Finance & Accounting

The financial software systems or module collects financial information and creates significant reports based on the data. The reports generated by ERP financial management system includes ledger, journals, trial balance, balance sheets and profit statements.

Engineering and Production

The ERP software allows an organization to use its integrated applications for the management of all operational activities. The ERP software for engineering companies enhances product planning, product engineering and development processes.

Human Resource – HR module in ERP collects data and creates reports which assist in Human Resource management in an organization. HR SAAS software track people-related activities such as administration, planning, hiring, interviews, benefits, etc.

Payroll Software – Integration of ERP with Payroll management software allows an organization to easily achieve the otherwise error-prone tasks. The payroll system software reconciles and cross-checks the payroll data such as wage deductions, keeping, etc.

Finance Software – The ERP for financial services give support to correct decision making by ensuring security and reliability on accounting data.

Tax Solutions – The ERP tax solution services enables you to track transactions related to tax. An automated software offers tax resolution services that making the process of calculating and remitting taxes, accurate and efficient.

Brand Infosolution develops enterprise software solutions to handle various business features and to equip the managers with better-controlling systems to remove inefficiencies.

Brand Infosolution, a renowned ERP consultant having a team of experienced professionals and have been developing a broad range of enterprise solutions for a variety of industry verticals.

We, at Brand Infosolution aim to be one of the top ERP software companies. We want to be the best when it comes to providing IT consultation and solutions. We aim to enhance productivity and efficiency through our result oriented and quality driven solutions.

For more information related to ERP Software Development and Consulting services, Get in touch with one of our expert ERP Consultants!

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