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Social Media Verification Badge


Social media are crucial aspects, but at the same time, the terror regarding fake profiles are at peak. Do you want to get exclusive verified ticks on your Instagram, Facebook or social media profile? Achieving a coveted blue checkmark on your social media platform can build potential customers.

What is Social Media Verification?

Social media is a trend followed by each one of us. Social media is not limited to socializing with your friends; instead, it is used for business too. Marketing companies grasp the concept and leave no stone unturned; they blend with every possible strategy to impress and influence customers through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Whether you are a brand or bloggers, to extract most social media sites, you need to build up a strong presence. You need to register your presence amongst the crowd so that they start building up trust and confidence. In the crucial aspect, you need to hire a Social Media Marketing expert from a renowned digital marketing agency.. 

Whether it is Facebook or Instagram or any other social media site, billions of users are either trying to impersonate some brand or personality. Users do not prefer sharing content that is derived from a reliable source. Instead, they assure that the content is genuine and taken from reliable sources.

Once the account is verified, users would happily share the content without any hesitation. They would not regret promoting content via their account as they know it is genuine. This rises to the demand for verification and authentication of account these days.

Beyond being genuine, verification promotes customer loyalty. When we browse social media sites, it gives you a glimpse about the value of a brand. A brand or personality with a strong presence in social media fosters customer trust, which eventually builds up more influencers and followers. That is why nowadays, brands are hiring Local SEO service providers to widen up the potential possibilities for brands. 

The blue checks avoid imposter accounts and enhanced visibility of brands and public figures they want to follow. It appears on the profile as well as in embedded posts.

As per norms, unless you meet the fundamental requirements, your account will not be receiving a badge. But what are the rules and tips to get verified on social media? How should I keep track of all of their requirements? Do not worry; we have a solution to build up a strong presence in the market and get verified accounts.

Verification on each platform follows different steps, a blue coveted check would not be said coveted if it can be easily achieved.

How to get verified on Facebook?

Source: Victor Mochere

The blue check on Facebook is said to be a verification badge. Facebook will inspect your account to see if it meets the criteria for verification.

Facebook verification accounts process includes - blue badges and grey badges.

Categories eligible for Blue badges 

  • Popular brand 
  • Government officials
  • Journalist
  • Celebrities
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Sports companies

Gray badges are solely for business pages. The process initiated in 2015, where it became mandatory for businesses to confirm their authenticity. Usually, the approval process is shorter for the grey badge; it requires about 48 hours.

Once the brand is verified, it will receive a small blue checkbox beside its name. However, for sibling accounts on twitter and Instagram, you have to follow different procedures.

Important Factors That Facebook Considers:


The authenticity of the account 

The authorities want to make sure that your credentials are real. You have to genuine business or real person or brand. 

  • Uniqueness 

As per policy, only one account per person or business name can be registered. Your account should be specific as per the brand and engaging. Some unoriginal content and memes do not add up uniqueness.

  • Up to Date Profile

Your account should contain all the credentials. You must include complete bio, profile photo and at least one relevant post. 

  • Relevancy & Page Engagement

You are not able to buy a badge,  you have to earn it. Show the post, content relevance to your account to qualify for a badge.

To verify for an account, you should have a digital copy of ID as you have to upload it for verification. Though the process would initiate within a few days, for authentication, it might take a few weeks, so be patient. To request a verification badge, you need to fill out a Facebook contact form.


Generally, siblings have many things in common, and so does Instagram and Facebook verification processes too. Instagram and Facebook methods are similar.

Facebook grants verification to even small businesses and organizations, while Instagram contributions badges to notable accounts that are open for public interest and accounts should be impersonated.

If you have a massive following or you are one of the prominent mega brands, Instagram will verify your page without much effort.

Step By Step Process for Instagram Badge

  • Log on to the Instagram account you want for verification.
  • Go to profile and click on the options button located on the rightmost corner.
  • Click on settings, then account. You would find an option for request verification.
  • Fill out the information and provide a government-issued ID.
  • Time to keep patience. Wait for the verification of the badge. In case your badge is denied, you can re-attempt it within 30 days.

Specific Requirements for Instagram community 


  • Authentic 

Your account must represent a real person, entity or registered business. 

  • Uniqueness

Your account must have a unique presence of a person or business.

  • Up to Date Profile

You must complete a bio, profile photo and must have at least one post. Your profile must not embed “add links” to other social media services.

  • Notable

The account must represent a brand, entity or business person. Instagram authenticate accounts that feature in multiple news sources that should not be paid or promotional content. 


Some tips for applying and building influencer status

  • Build followers and engage them with relevant posts and statues.
  • Use popular hashtags to make yourself visible.
  • Promote all of your social networks.
  • Add personality to your posting, not just buildings, landscapes or memes.
  • To maximize engagement, you want to see your posts when most of the followers are online.
  • Avoid fraudulently and any shortcuts that can unbalance your account.

How to Verify Your Twitter Account 

source: Hackernoon

Twitter says accounts in the public interest are likely to receive approval. The goal is to update and help people to follow authentic accounts, while for creators and influencers, it would be easy to connect with more audiences.

To initiate the process, users have to submit a host of personal information to the company. Twitter accounts with enough details have higher chances of being approved. A user needs to submit an online form with appropriate credentials. 

  • Fill out the verification form with appropriate information. If there is some information that is missing, you would be prompt to do so.
  • Enter a series of websites that can be used for identification. No need to enter your official page as it should be listed on your bio.
  • A summary of 500 characters that why should you choose Twitter verification account.
  • Submit the form.

Once you have been approved or confirmed that your business is verified, you would receive a small blue tick next to your business name. 

Due to some uncertainty, Twitter account verification has been on hold for now. They are working with an upgraded version of the verification program. 

Google My Business Listing

Google my business is crucial as, without it, you will not be able to manage your business information in a Search engine, Maps or other Google properties. 

Google confirms the physical location and checks whether you are authorized to own a listing or not. Verified Google businesses are likely to be considered as reputable businesses by users. The profile looks consistent and trustworthy when optimized and edited by the actual owner.

If your business listing is not verified, It is high time to go for it. Google My Business optimization can help you leverage your presence and visibility against the competition.

Whether you skip getting verified on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, never disregard with verification with GMB. Blue verification will enhance your visibility on search engine and maps.

  • Sign in to your account on GMB.
  • Verify now and request a verification postcard.
  • Once you receive a verification postcard, enter the verification code.

Ways to Verify Your Google My Business 

  • Standard mail 
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Instant verification through Google Search console 
  • Trusted verifiers
  • Video chat 
  • Local guide 
  • Product experts 


GMB is an efficient toolbox to analyze and control business representation on top search engine - Google. 


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How to verify on Pinterest 

Pinterest is a leading social media platform that is 100 times more spreadable than a tweet. Verification on Pinterest is the icing on the cake. If you do not have a business account, you need to attain one for higher marketing potential.  All you need is to follow simple steps.

  • Go to settings on Pinterest.
  • Your profile picture should be your business logo.
  • Claim your official website.

Verified profiles on Pinterest receive a snazzy red tick badge beside their profile photo. This ensures that pins are from an authentic company. 


Since LinkedIn is another reliable source like Facebook, you might think the verification would be the same too. But Social media marketing services state it a little bit differently.

  • You need to request verification from LinkedIn and wait for four-digit code to arrive on your business mailbox.
  • Enter the code, and hurray you are done.

LinkedIn supports the gold LinkedIn logo by upgrading with a premium membership. 

Youtube Verification 

Youtube is gaining more crowds. Roughly there are about 300 hours of video that gets updated every single minute. This raises brands and creators to look out for new ways and stand out. 

A little tick mark next to your name or brand name gives you a sense of legitimacy.

  • Visit Google support
  • Go to contact flow
  • Choose email support
  • Fill the form
  • Submit and wait for approval

We highly recommend getting verified on as many platforms as possible. This would enhance your relationship with the audience, build trust and promote loyalty. A rightly done checkmark credential build brand awareness. You can come up with fraudulent by proving your credibility and trustworthiness.

If you fail once, do not panic, you could try multiple times. Facebook and Twitter allow you to become verified within a few days or sometimes weeks. You can tell Twitter why you need a checkmark. Instagram is tricky; you have to dedicate and put efforts by increasing followers and wait for them to reach out to you.

Verifying yourself on LinkedIn lookups with shortcode or upgrading to hold account is easy.

Pinterest verification program adds familiar blue checkmark offering an extra level of authority and increased exposure.

E-Commerce is rising and rising significant traffic to your business; it is crucial to get verified. Standing out from your competitors with a blue checkmark on your brand profile is essential in the current market. With about 3.8 billion users, social media showcases your skills and improves your visibility of a brand.

Closing Lines

Getting verification on each social media platform is not one size fits all. Managing different platforms and getting validation is not easy. If you tried multiple times and could not establish a verification batch, then let the social media marketing agencies do it for you. You can choose from a range of packages as per your requirements and can be customized as per specific needs and budget. For more latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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